Kali Remixed “Rap Freaks”, Buenos Noches Caresha….

 Kali came through showing us that she’s not just a one hit wonder and Tik Tok isn’t the only reason she is here . Kali has been killing the scene with her single “Mmm Mmm”, even teaming up with Latto for the remix .

Now she is back showing us she has great word play and can rap with the best of them . She mentioned upcoming rappers , including girls with a side of Kehlani. However , what was the most interesting part to me was when she mentioned Future and Dess Dior. We have been champions for the twos relationship and will one day tackle them in couple style icons . 

The irony of this mention is when “Rap Freaks” was released there was a lot of shade being thrown Dess’s way by Santana . Why would you mention Lori Harvey and she’s in a whole relationship ?

And Future swooped in got the layup… Because who cares about that trash song anyway. 

Everything was good a couple months ago Santana 

Kali did her thing , so Buenos Noches Caresha !

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