Dear Summer..

We have all tried to let you live based on the issue you had with London On Da Track and your ‘social anxiety’. However , at this point if you don’t like your job and want to go back to being a stripper just say that.

Over the weekend Summer had a couple of shows in Atlanta , but sis really didn’t seem to want to be there . She always has an excuse to why she doesn’t want to do something and it’s very tiring at this point .

If it’s so fresh and you don’t wanna cry , why are you sporting a “Larry” tattoo on your eyebrow . Like sis , thought you moved on. You know how many performers that have come before you  and have been through so much,  but still on go stage to performed . 

Singers who are legends were literally being abused and still put on makeup to perform. The issue is you don’t care about your fans you just want the money . They have listened to this album countless times and have cried because they could relate to your pain. ‘Reciprocate’ is a fan favorite , so to say you can’t do that song is a slap in the face . There is no artist development anymore and it’s so easy for these artists to make it without doing the work.

A couple of years ago she was hours late to a show and was seen hanging out with Drake . She had an excuse then too.

I can’t believe I once even put her name in the same sentence as Solana Imani Rowe. Summer if you want to just record the songs and do virtual concerts then do that . Your whole roll out , getting people excited for the album only to give your fans half a** performances is not acceptable . You are not Lauryn Hill and even she’s overrated (another conversations ) , but you don’t have a “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album under your belt . 

That same energy she has about not performing certain songs, should be the same energy the fans give to not buy your tickets . Summer is entitled , ungrateful and overrated , next time sis stay home ! 

You mean to tell me she doesn’t know the words and lied to those people face. The bar is in hell for the music industry …

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