Eminem’s “The Eminem Show” Turns 20 Years Old

Before social media , the era of dial up internet and the world became so PC and sensitive  . There was a white rapper by the name of Eminem that took over the world . His song “Stan” even gave a name to the extreme fans of todays He was one of the biggest rappers of our generation , however his music content seemed a little unorthodox to say the least . 

His content consisted of very personal stories about his relationship with his mother and wife . Some may have called the lyrics disturbing , for example on his song “Kim” where he describes in grave detail about murdering his wife. Interesting enough in 2022 they are using lyrics to arrest hip hop artists today , I’m sure he would have been fine though .

However , in 2002 he released arguably his best album yet . “The Eminem Show” was his fourth studio album, and it addressed a lot of topics . ‘White America’ talks about how horrible this  country is through the eyes of a white man who knew his privilege .  His lyrics were always picked apart with a fine tooth comb but he didn’t care. 

Two days , Eminem posted a trailer for an expanded version  of the 20 year old album anniversary .

The expanded version includes an instrumental for all of the songs on the original album , some live performances and three additional new songs . 

In recent years , it seems Eminem is the disgruntled uncle that is bitter about the state of hip hop . He released a couple of diss records aimed toward Machine Gun Kelly , The Game , Joe Budden and host of others . However , it only seems to be a response after years of criticism . “The Eminem Show” will go down in history as a great album , his creativity and dark humor are the reasons we love him . 

What were your favorite songs from the album ? Here are ours ..

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