Mariah The Scientist Brings Out Rumored Boyfriend Young Thug on The Atlanta Tour Date

The two have been rumored to be dating for the last couple of months.  She’s even exchanged words with his ex girlfriend Karlae and another one of his side chicks. She’d been tweeting about a performance with them before at Coachella, in which she just performed a couple of weeks ago. 

Based on her performances , she’s definitely getting more comfortable with the crowd . She seemed super comfortable last night with her mad on stage with her .

Speaking of Karlae , she did a Vlad interview speaking on Mariah and Thug. Acting as if she’s not bothered and making it seem like their connection was only to promote the song . That would be believable if her voice weren’t caught in the background of some of his videos.

Karlae and Mariah have been trading shots in the last couple of months. Here she is speaking on the car that Thug bought Mariah for her birthday. In which , Mariah didn’t respond however had posted a live about having her own money and spoiling her man.

For a while we thought Mariah and Yachty weregoing to reconcile but I guess she would rather deal with this drama instead..

However , back to Karlae here is her interview acting like she is not bothered by Mariah..

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