The Youngest In Charge..

There is literally no one in the industry as consistent and hard working as NBA Youngboy. He has taken over YouTube for the last 4 years. He has over 10 billion views on his main channel and 11.2 million subscribers.

The reason for this is because he feeds his fanbase consistency and transparency. This tactic has yet to be adopted by a lot of artists. He posts when he wants and does things on his own terms, which would explain why he recently turned down 25 million dollars from Atlantic records. He’s spoken out several times about how the record label doesn’t support him but gets all the pay for his hard work.

He’s realized early on at his young age, that he doesn’t need a conglomeration to succeed as he works like an independent artist.  He’s spoken out in his music as early as 2018 on “Highway”, about knowing his worth as he raps .


“Fuck Atlantic, want my money, I ain't callin' y'all..”

This action may be risky for some but the 22-year-old seems to have it all planned out and is a lot smarter than people may think. He has surpassed Drake on many occasions, what seems like a hard task seeing as though the Canadian rapper has had the industry in a headlock for over a decade.  

His fans admire how personal Youngboy can be and speaks to them through his music. He voluntarily deactivated his social media platforms and logs into his friend’s platform to posts. It seems he hates all the attention but loves the craft. So, you may see him posting on an engineer’s page because of the low number of followers. He also tends to switch it up a lot, so people won’t catch on and posts from one of his children's mother pages. 

He hates interviews but he may talk to Akademiks occasionally, but on his terms. He recently joined Clubhouse a couple of months ago, which boosted the company’s membership. He did a Q&A with Akademiks, where he addressed a lot of things in his life .

This isn’t the first time he sat down and talked to Akademiks. He previously talked to him on Instagram live years ago. And is said to have an in-depth interview with him that he doesn’t want to be released until he passes (which sounds very dark). So, it seems Ak maybe the only person he’s willing to talk to because he knows he doesn’t need it.


Pretty soon after too many people joined his rooms, Youngboy deactivated Clubhouse as well. He doesn’t like all the attention but will feed his fans a song almost every week.  Two of his only labels backed videos were “Kacey Talk” and “Astronaut Kid”. Any other time you can tell he just calls his videographer over and cuts on the camera.


His music is so personal that it feels like you know him. With all the drama, legal cases, and rap beefs, he sticks to pouring his heart out to his fans to address it. If you want to know something that was released on blogs, just give him about 24-48 hours and he will tell you in a song dropped on his YouTube channel.  He may lash out at his fans sometimes but that seems to be his passion for the craft. He has however apologized recently for his behavior to a music video reaction channel.

So, what is next for the young rapper? Well will his last album on Atlantic predicted to be his bestselling album. The future looks bright for him musically, however he is currently facing 7 years in prison for gun possession charges which is seems he’s prepared for . He has a plan and understands the assignment as some say, which he discusses in his adaptation of “The Story of OJ” by Jay z.

No matter whether you like him or not , you can not deny the pure talent . He’s out working legends and after leaving Atlantic, I hope the industry embraces him more and protect him at all costs..

What are some of  your  favorite snippets of Youngboy? Here is ours..

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