Dear Ari..

Oh ,how the roosters come home to roost . You had a lot to say about broke people , you didn’t care about DV victims, you harassed your child’s father and his fiancé up until 3 months ago  , you made a little girl cry , and I could go on. The energy you put into this world has come back for your behind , apparently you’re a fraud . 

While calling all of us broke and being in a PR relationship with a man that is still clearly smashing his baby mother Juicy , but behind on bills . You seemed to convinced all of your delusional fans aka the Period Poohs that you were worth 10million dollars . Which I’m sure was a figure you submitted to internet outlets yourself . 

Let’s take it back to when you had a Benz from Free Band Joey and Herb bought you a Range Rover . 

You were so in love until when y’all broke up he stopped making payments and made you buy your own furniture for your house..

That was you and your mother’s ignorance to actually stop working and depend on your baby daddy, not husband or ex husband . So that proves you both are birds .. moving along.

You harassed Gherbo and his girlfriend for years and called him broke and everything.. we’ve already discussed that ..

Well look at what life has brought you . How are you calling the same man that introduced you to us broke when he has actual talent? 

Well anyway last year , you were evicted from two properties in two different states . You claim that money was stolen from the property but never showed any proof.

Not sure whose name your new residence home is in meanwhile the baby father you swear is broke just moved in his home built from the ground up ...

Now back to you , you put on a whole skeptical about this Lambo truck, you wanted to prove it wasn’t leased and it was in your name . Claiming people were jealous of you and mad..


However , apparently K Michelle knew the tea..

But you called her old and bitter , along with his baby mother who was also pissed …

 But oh how the energy you pit in the world comes back to you , it looks like you are the broke one . Seems like you love doing stunts and shows for Instagram because the car you claimed was yours is up for repossession. But y’all know Ari , she had to jump in front of it first ..

And here we are Arianna give those people their things.

Noticed she’s been posting more on her YouTube channel and now she has a dollar store makeup line out.. let’s hope she can find some broke people to support her brand so she can pay these people back. 

Apparently , she is single now but that doesn’t defeat the fact that those people want their money babe. Since you wanna brag about the truck being in your name , pay them sis ☺️

She doesn’t even realize that this is actually worse than it being taken from her . So you were behind on payments and it was a lease .. wow

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