Dear Diddy…

R&B hasn't died but that song you had with Bryson did flop .  You were never the artist  you just took credit for all the artists you had on your roster. You know what is dead , everyone on your labels career that’s what’s dead. He thinks the things he says are impactful. People have let him make opinions while he's ruined so many peoples career. This was really giving he’s looking for a moment because why did you start bringing people up like you want people for your wack a** album.

Mind you Mary J. Bilge just dropped an album last year , so what are you saying about her project ?

How is R&B dead with all of these new artists that have been releasing great albums. There are even independent artists that are getting looks now. Even Usher had to call him a troll.

He's extremely out of touch with reality because the last few years there have been a surge of new R&B talents in the industry and mainstream. Along with other female and male artists that have been working all of these years. Hell , people didn't even think Mario would beat Omarion because people don't appreciate real artistry..

When all of these people are still putting out projects , how is R& B dead. August Alsina put out a great body of work two years ago but because of fickle people , y’all called him a clout chaser because of 5 minutes of an interview . Where he answered the question y’all wanted to know ..

Tory Lanez put out a lot of amazing projects out but because of an accusation that has not been proven y’all ignored those. “Daystar” was his best body of work to date and went unheard .

So when y’all say R& B is dead just make sure y’all have at least checked all the playlists and actually browse. The new girls have been carrying this genre on their backs for the last 3-5 years . With projects like “Shea Butter Baby”, “Heaux Tales”, “CTRL”, “Master”, “Over It”, “Ella Mai”  and “Still Over It” , the girls are tired . SZA even gave us a deluxe to a 5 year old album . And those are just mainstream girls but the independent and underground girls are making noise as well.

Not to say that the men aren’t important but these albums have been the most relevant in R&B these last couple of years  . Summer Walker put out two albums in two years and Jazmine finally won the Grammy she’s been deserved. So instead of looking for a moment take a look at your Apple Music and tell me which genre is dead because it’s definitely not R&B. 

As far as the men let’s get back to them , because Christopher Maurice Brown is still consistently releasing music . Along with Brent Faiyaz , Lucky Daye, SIR and others . If people let go of gimmicks and actually give real singers a chance this wouldn’t even be a conversation . Future literally just went #1 with Drake and Tems on an R&B song, because “Wait for You” and “Love You Better” were definitely not rap songs . 

And if Diddy thinks he’s going to beat Jermaine Dupri in a Verzuz he’s definitely out of touch. All he did was scream over records , Jermaine is a writer and producer . So it’s a wrap for Mr. Shiny suits especially when 95% of his roster are dead or hate him .. Good Luck Love 😮‍💨

Here are some of our favorite R&B albums of the last 
couple of years….

However , there are alot of honorable mentions..

Kenyon Dixon, Tempest, THEY, Steve Lacy , Alex Isley, Vory,  DVSN,Ye Ali, Zae France ,Mila J Jade Novah, Asiahn, Ann Marie and so many more …

Let's Read About The New Female & Males..

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