Is Jerrika Karlae Really Bothered Over Young Thug and Mariah

It has been a few months since Mariah The Scientist and Young Thug came out as a couple . Long before the Atlanta native Thug was arrested in a Federal indictment. However , since he’s been in jail Jerrika has made it her business to give updates to blogs and post on her story .

Mariah The Scientist has made subtle mention of him  by wearing “Free Thugga” shirts and having Free YSL on the screen behind her performing . She also hasn’t spoken to any blogs ,posted calls or messages from him . 

We previously spoke on Karlae and Mariah throwing subliminals at each other but nothing is ever direct . Karlae likes negative comments about Mariah but she never uses the @ button.

What happen to this ?

Because the tune definitely changed ..

She posted this one day after this …

Interesting and still did an interview with DJVlad a three months ago..


Just recently Karlae got in the comments to express some things , as if anyone asked her anything .

As if it didn’t seem like she was bothered by getting in the comments of a D List Instagram blog page , she definitely seemed bothered when Mariah posted this...

Welp Ms. Karlae added her 2cents to let everyone know that from another time zone , she could not be worried …

The results are in and with all of the evidence provided, you my dear are BOTHERED…

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