Brent Faiyaz “All Mine” Video

It has been two months since the R&B singers album,“Wasteland” was released and today he premiered the video for “All Mine” . He announced this week that the video would be premiering today on his social media accounts .

The video stars supermodel Joan Smalls as his love interest in a dark restaurant waiting for the singer to show up for hours . Once he shows up his head is buried in the phone and not paying her any attention. The video follows the songs toxic territorial lyrics . 

And I know that I've been the worst (oh)But I love you better (ooh)If you let meLet's catch a flight, change the weatherAnd I promise forever

Loving someone so much and not wanting them to leave but not being a better partner. The video was creative and kept up with the theme of the song . So far the two lead videos have been in black and white . Wonder where he will go from here with his artistic creativity …

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