Sooo What Did You Contribute…?

It isn’t a secret that Beyoncé does not give proper credit to other artists . She’s copied looks , fashion and even music . She’s been getting hit with copyright infringement lawsuits since the beginning of her career. She’s also been accused of hitting writers with NDA’s to not speak on what they contributed to songs..

She’s also copied looks from upcoming artists even if fans will pretend not to remember. 

Anyway someone’s the question is out on how is one of the biggest artists of all time credited on everything but has copied most of it from others ..

BlackFemininityTV broke alot of things down and brought things into perspective ..and they released on her birthday 🫣

She’s even been accused of stealing Amerie’s producer and her sound to catapult her own solo career.. drums from Amerie’s hometown of DC snatched from her ..

Here are other articles written about the topic , including an editorial we released in 2010 after research

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