Mariah The Scientist Releases “Spread Thin” Video

Even after the March 11, 2022 release of  The Intermission Ep, recently “Spread Thin” has become a Tik Tok viral sensation . Though the videos have been pretty sad , this has peaked the interest of Mariah The Scientist even more .

She promised if the fans got the retweets to 10k should would release the video ..

In the meantime she finally released the snippet of a song with her and Dess Dior..

However , we finally got a video for “Spread Thin”. A very private look into the singers life on tour . She even shares moments with her boyfriend Young Thug before he went to jail and other moments that give look into Mariah’s personality. 

It’s funny a lot of the critics have been giving her negative feedback on early performances, but she’s proving she belongs in this industry . She’s an amazing writer and no matter what anyone says her songs hit different .

Her singing the song live..

They can say what they want but she’s here to stay…

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