So Y’all Don’t Care About The Kids..

So after the Balenciaga controversy with 
advertising campaign that showed two children posing with bears wearing BDSM-style harnesses and featured court documents that mentioned “virtual child porn”.  It seems that the celebrities have been buying Balenciaga even more and posting it freely. 

It’s interesting because a lot of people are burning their Balenciaga, but a lot of those people are of Caucasian decent. It seems these brand labels have our culture in a headlock and no one is able to read the room. 

I will acknowledge that there are a lot of celebrities that have brand deals with the brand , however most of these people do not . It’s like our culture is hell bent on showing that “we got it”, that we’ve forgotten moral and principle . It’s a reminder of the Gucci boycott , that sure didn’t last long or even really start . 

There are celebrities that have been just wearing Balenciaga with no care in the world . Even if you want to get your wears out of the item, did you have to post it as well. Lil Meech literally goes live to show how much Balenciaga he has on and it always gives “I never had nothing”. So here are some of the  celebrities that we’ve seen still wearing the brand after such horrible campaign controversy. 

Moral of the story is stand for something or fall for anything . And it looks like y’all are falling hard..

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