Mariah The Scientist “Walked In” Video

Mariah The Scientist finally released her video for the single “Walked In” featuring Young Thug. For the last few months , there have been pictures from the video shoot but no video. 

Mariah announced on two days ago that the video would be released 1/14 on Twitter. 

Mariah and Thug have been spotted out on several dates , he even purchased her a car for her birthday. We reported about this a couple of months ago, however there has been no word on if this was to draw viewers for the video. 

The video shows the two meeting in the strip club and her knowing she would be leaving with him . It centers around their wedding and how that meeting ended with  them being in love . 

Is this a storyline for a video or was this a true story ? We will definitely keep an eye on these two..

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