RIP Nip💙

Now that it has finally set in and I’ve seen enough hashtags . I’ve seen enough RIP for a lifetime , some of my favorite rappers are in mourning , I guess I can write now.

 7 days later and this still doesn’t feel real. 

I first heard Nipsey on “B*tches Ain't Sh*t” by YG. I’ve been a huge YG fan for years , so any dude he had on his song I was cool with . They have been attached at the hip ever since , whether business or just friendship. Even across color lines , YG is a Compton Piru Blood and Nip was a Rolling 60’s Crip. 

Through the years , I’ve been amazed at how he decided to conquer the independent world . He was the new age Jay and Master P, selling his Crenshaw Mixtape for $100 , launching his #Proud2Pay campaign in 2013. With the mixtape you got exclusive merch that I’m sure is worth so much more today . Hov bought 100 copies and that sparked my interest a little more. 

Upon its release he reportedly sold out at the pop-up shop, selling over 1,000 copies in less than 24 hours, effectively making $100,000. In 2015, he came back with the Proud2Pay campaign selling 60 copies of his new mixtape “Mailbox Money” priced at $1,000. I personally played “Between Us” , all day long 

Throughout the years he’s worked with Karen Civil as a partner and changed his community . In addition to his Marathon store , he owns several properties in his old hood, workspaces , he was opening up a Stem Programs and he even has his own burger at Fatburger and designed the uniform.

His debut album “Victory Lap” ,was released in 2018 and was snubbed for Rap Album of the year in my opinion but I digress. If you ever get a chance go check out his interviews and documentaries about the album. I would say my favorite song was “Hussle & Motivate”, where he sampled “Hard Knock Life” . I loved “Rap Niggas” and “Victory Lap”.

When he started dating Lauren London , I was ecstatic. They were very low key and you can tell it was genuine. We didn’t even know until about about 2 years into their relationship . I’ve literally loved Lauren since ATL. They welcomed a son named Kross, who I am still sad that we had to see under these circumstances . Their relationship was dope and I would even call them goals but they were my favorite celebrity couple. According to DailyMail.UK , the two were privately wed in a private ceremony in Mexico last year. Which would not surprise me at all, they didn’t put their relationship on front street or do it for the Gram. As a matter of fact they just recently did their first interview opening up about their relationship, however never opening up about their nuptials .(.

However , I honestly believe they were in fact married because most of their close friends called him her husband . Plus the two were spotted with matching bands last year.

It’s crazy because when the GQ shoot came out and Lauren posted it, her caption melted my heart .

And not even a month later she is saying goodbye. That broke my heart , I couldn’t even imagine going through that .

So now what do we do , this death really had me really sad. Because he was one of the good ones, Mac died last year and although I was a huge fan this one hit different . It had me questioning all the good energy I’ve put into the world and how things like this happened to good people. People who are trying to help others , he wanted better for his city. He treated the janitor like the CEO, offering jobs to the less fortunate no matter what. The sad part is he died in the same community he was building up. The outpouring of love over these last 7 days have been overwhelming. People from every walk of life , even the LAPD officer who reported on the murder was in grief . When he said he was buying the block he had huge construction plans.

A lot of my favorite artists were affected greatly by his death , it broke my heart to see these post because I know they are really hurt. Outside of the entertainment business , these people were his friends. Watching Dave East cry at the Vigil they did for him in New York made me cry even more . 

YG has been posting all week, even today he’s been posting . When you have a bond where you don’t have to search hard for pictures of you and the person together .

So now what , someone in the hip hop community  has to step up . I hope the gems that he has given over the years were being studied to teach others . The Marathon Continues🏁🏁

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