private love affair.

This is the perfect example of private love. I think when a person falls in love it should just be between the two in the relationship.When you are in love no one else should matter but the person you are in love with . I feel that Jay-z & Beyonce seem to have the perfect relationship .Why? because they could be having problem and no one would ever know ...No comment ...even though that sometimes annoys me about Beyonce .Their relationship has lasted 6 years and the only thing you know is the little she reveals in songs.What kills me about people is they want everything in then open..but that can complicate things...blasting their love life on Myspace..Facebook..etc. but if your in love everyone cant keep a smile off your face..the mere mention of his names produces a blush or giggle.He's all you think about and you can't keep focus..if people find out they find out ..other's opinions shouldn't matter ,because there are only two people in your relationship.I would never post someone i care about on a website almost cost me my relationship once. people sending me messages about the person I'm in love with WTF!?! I dont wanna hear it when im with someone only my closest friends know and even they dont know every is to be cherished not advertised

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