"..they got selective memory but i got you Momma"=)

everyone that knows the real shaina.knows that im like the biggest Kelis fan && it disturbs me that they gave Cassie any credit for creativity.UMMMMM,ARE YOU SERIOUS.Kelis has been a trend setter since she was released and they give these alternative artist like Lady Gaga & etc credit for ecentric style.What rock have they been living under?.When Kelis shaved her sides in '06,people didnt get it they thought she was insane.However,3 years later some non singing chick.....shaves off one side of her head and now shes the ultimate trendsetter...GIRL!?!...then it seems everytime i turn around these singers are just carving names in their head like they dont have any sense at all.Nice gesture but im not buying it .....&&LALA,Nope. Keyshia Cole..what are you doing hun? How can you follow in somebodies footsteps and have the nerve not to give credit when credit is due .I mean its just annoying ..great example of Posers gone terribly wrong. Okay ,Im done llls had to release my opinion.

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