Bad Girls Club

Its TV will be on Oxygen...This season has me on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen next week. This season we've got ; Natilie,Flo,Annie,Portia,Kendra ,Amber and Kate.

At this point Portia has been sent home for fighting Natalie. Everybody has their opinions about Natilie aka 'The Chin'...her chin even has her own Twitter page lls

She's the "bad chick from LA" who "RUNS LA!?!" & drives top whips and ride in g5 jets.Honestly ,shes my favorite bad girl.This isn't the good girls club ,this is the bad girls club .Shes the realist in the house to me ,her and Flo .The rest are phony ,fake,and just lame.

Flos the bisexual hard chick from NY ,that don't take no crap.My second favorite .

Kate aka Malibu is the blonde 'valley girl' soooo 'perfect".

Annie is the anorexic crybaby that we're still trying to figure out why shes on the show .well she dates married men and thats all I can say .Like Kate said ,shes"like little red riding hood who was on her way to grandmas house and ened up at the bad girls club".lol

Portia the very emotional ,'homesick' girl ,who is hot tempered but mellow.And got into a fight with Natilie ,because Natalie was talking about her role as a mother .I probably would have fought her too.

Kendra the follower ,that wants 'the lifestyle'..&clings to Natilie like a rag doll.She plays both sides of the fence ,so no one will not like her.If she hasnt noticed ,it hasn't won her any fans in the house ,only Natalie.Shes sooo fake

Amber the hater of the house ,she has something to say about everybody...behind their back of course

Lexie the new girl to replace Portia,shes wild and looking like Flo bait...the first night she jumped in the pool naked GEEZ!?!

Okay ..I caught you up now watch Oxygen tonight....POW POW POW .....LOL

lOVE me .Shaina

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