Changed My Life Bro..

If you purchased 2014 Forest Hill Drive . You understand the importance of this cover . Cole did it with hardly no promo and is already platinum. I'm so proud of him . This is Dale Earnhardt Jr. one of the biggest NASCAR racers in the world.

Man look, y'all really wanna know who did it? I'mma tell y'all who did this shit man. Man, Dale Earnhardt jr dawg. I'm never gon' forget, this is gonna sound crazy but I'm never gonna forget that shit you told me yo. Forreal Dale Earnhardt jr man, thank you dawg. From the bottom of my heart. That shit you said to me changed my life man. And I ain't never gon' forget, ever forreal. For real Dale, form me to you, you my nigga man, forreal. I love you boy. And Jonah ! Oh Jonah Hill! How could I forget Jonah Hill! Yo, that shit you told me when we was in the elevator, nigga that shit changed my... I'm just fuckin' playin', I don't know either one of those two dudes. I don't know either one of them niggas, I was in the moment. I just lied, I don't give a fuck

One of my favorite rappers . Can't wait till he goes on tour.. 

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