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 Real talk: Ebony's controversial Cosby Show cover is just what Dr ...

This cover is very disheartening on so many levels. First , we must remove Heathcliff Huxtable from the scenario and focus on William Cosby. When this news first resurfaced , we were in such disbelief because of the character he played. I will be the first to say that I myself was in denial , because of all Bill Cosby has done for African Americans. However , to understand certain things we have to reach deeper . The reason I’m so disappointed in this cover is because during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Bill has been on several covers. Ebony is a magazine that represents and uplifts African Americans . A magazine consists of journalist , editors , reporters etc. I feel if Bill Cosby was committing these rapes , being a journalists you find out that information . That’s what journalists do investigate .. So to support him for 3 decades and now that there is a scandal , you post a cover story to tear down the legacy that the Cosby Show has built is very wack to me. I believe every company that has supported him through the years should stay out of the press. Don’t comment because you’ve supported this man and now there is a scandal or stories, you are pretty much recanting your support. At the end of the day we have to separate his personal demons from his career. I think that is the reason this has been swepped under the rug for so long . Because social media could not tear your character down before you can speak out . When Hanibal Burress (or whatever his name is) spoke out , it hit Twitter and ran. But if you did your research , you would know these allegations are not new. However, now we live in a hyper sensitive era, everyone is fake deep and hurt. I do not agree with his actions , however I will say that if he was white we wouldn’t see this backlash . Bill Cosby the humanitarian has put several under priveliged youth through college, donated millions to several organizations and families . How can we strip this man of his accomplishments , when we ourselves don’t do anything for our own community. Mental health is a serious issue in this country and people fail to realize . To rape someone you have to have some level of mental incompasitation .

When we honor these white actors who have pretty much done the same thing . Woodie Allen married his step daughter and Stephen Collins raped kids , but they had their productions stripped for maybe 6 months . We have watched in the last several months Bill Cosbys legacy has diminished , along with the entire cast of great actors . For Ebony to contribute to this bothers me ,because they helped build him with in the black culture. To see them attack the Cosby Show hurts my spirit ..

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