Met Gala 2016

So this years theme for the Met Gala was  "Manus X Machina:Fashion in An Age Of Technology ". I am so glad a lot of people  followed the theme this year . Years prior have been so confusing as far as the attire of some celebrities . Vogue did an article on the theme October 2015, when the theme was announced .
The attire was just a futuristic look at fashion . Here are my picks for best and worst looks . Based on the article a lot of people pulled the theme off , they just were not creative .
Worst Dressed

Personal Favorites

Almost ..

•My biggest issue is that the whole Kardashian /Jenner clan  walked in looking like the tin man. They have close connections to Balmain , so they never step outside of their comfort zone .I would have love to see a little more creativity from Kylie. She seems like she can pull it off . But this dress looks like a cross between Kim's dress from last year and her dress for her mother's birthday party.
•Tyga is just getting used to these fancy balls and parties . I will give him a pass, however I think the metallic blazer was a great touch. I would have done a metallic shoe. The gold buckle threw the entire look off .
•Ciara tried a little too hard with the hair , however I will give her an A for effort for trying something new.
My All Time Favorite
Claire Danes and the GOAT Will.I.AM

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