VMA 2016

These are my favorite looks of the night . 

I don't not understand why Cassie recieved worst dressed . The hair was a nice touch with the bronze pants and Gucci clutch. It was a different look that brought personality to the red carpet .

When I saw Designerr , the only thing that came to mind was Pusha Ts line " ... And my salmon colored suit from the VMAs". It gave a a calm to the over hyper artist . I love Ambers simple suit , it was classy with a peek of lace bra . Her signature glasses , loved the look. Chance stayed true to himself with his overalls . Rita , I loved that Marc Jacobs look, however with so much going on I wish she would have paired it with a simple strappy heel. The chunky look was too much, due to it being so long. 

Beyonce and Blue were just beautiful! They looked like ice princess and Queen

I honestly need Ariana to contact an image consultant . Her and that ponytail have to go , those pants were not tailored at all. They were too long and big for her small frame . She reminds me of a 16 year old . Kim looked loke she just stepped out of the shower , she just wanted to go naked apparently . Very distasteful . Dasche you were not going to lunch , this is the VMAs . She could have worn a simple dress, I know she is thick however that is no excuse . 

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