Beauty , No Brains

After watching  the Bernice Burgos interview the other day , I was totally compelled to write about this topic. I watched the way she spoke and answered questions and it hit me a lot of these Instagram models are not that bright. I am not only speaking about this woman but a lot of them Miracle Watts, Lira Galore, Alexis Skyy etc. They totally depend on their looks to get by in life , these are the women that young girls look up to . For this woman to sit on an interview and say she looks up to a 19 year old Kylie Jenner when she is 37 is sad. The same 19 year old that was
called the ugly Jenner and was given permission to get plastic surgery at 17. The same 19 year old who gets credit for trends black girls have started and called ghetto while she is praised for being cool. Bernice bragged about renting a home for vacation for $12k for a week , however she also stated that she does not own her own home. Learning how to save and invest while you have it is important . These hostings are coming in now , but what about when the new girls come up. There is a new 18 year old everyday that is intrigued by these women's lifestyle . 
It is very important to help instill a healthy esteem in your children. They tend to grow up thinking less of themselves or trying to change themselves based on societies definition of beauty.  It seems a lot of these women never even considered education , let alone reading because when they do interviews 🙄 they do not know how to articulate themselves well at all. However, there are a lot of these women who have gotten the exposure and opened several businesses. For example , people can say what they want about Blac Chyna but she has a college education and started her own businesses. I am not downgrading women without educations, however what I am
saying is plastic surgery can not save you from everything. Skin soon looses its elasticity and after that what will they rely on . 

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