Personal Style: Michael Jackson

In honor of the kings birthday , let's take a look back on some of Michael's most iconic pieces. From being the lead singer in the Jackson 5 , all of his pieces have always been custom made till the day he died. His iconic royal style made a huge impact on the world .

Even Chris Brown and Lady Gaga (to name a few) have purchased several of his pieces that were auctioned off to museums. Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins worked with him up until his death in 2009. With his custom military uniforms and other custom items , he would say,"I want the big time fashion conglomerates to copy me".  The designers worked tirelessly to make the kings visions come alive and we were blessed to witness the magic. There is now a museum dedicated to Michael's favorite pieces ran by his costume designers.

(A book written by his costume designers available on Amazon and other places books are sold)

A lot of his looks were Western inspired , even down to his famous glitter gloves. 

He was very hands on with his costumes and very detailed. Most of his shoes were cowboy boots or shoes,custom to allow him to dance.

His iconic style will live on as we celebrate his life today!There will never be another Michael Joseph Jackson ever.. he was truly one of a kind. Rest In Peace King..👑
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