A is For Album ; Trip

For the last couple of months , Jhene has been very low key including posting puzzle photos . She has been posting every picture in 3's . She released "New Balance", which to me is one of the most beautiful songs in the world. She also released a couple of songs and videos. The word Trip has been in her bio for a couple of months . She's calling the new project collectively The M.A.P. , she posted a short film called "Trip "on her website and tells us 
The M is for Movie.

The short film showed the different journey's that she takes to get back to her brother . At the end of the short film, her brother appears and tells her to let him go. It was a very emotional project and showed her transparent journey grief. She takes us on a journey of self discovery.

Today she posted 

Map Massive is a spoken explanation of how she got to her title and where her inspiration comes from. How her brothers death has affected her career and relationships. 

She said the A in Map is for Album and that the album was available now!

I literally started to tear up , I've waited so long for this project . 
P in Map is for Poem Book so we shall wait and see but in the meantime , I'll be going to listen to this amazing project! This is such a dope roll out , I'm so proud of her.

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