I’m A Writer and I’m sensitive about my Sh*t!?!

Outside of blogging , I’ve also created 3 books on Wattpad just to get my feet wet before releasing a book. So I've been reading a lot of books on Wattpad  for years and I get really annoyed with sensitive writers . As a writer you are sensitive about your work because it's your baby . However, you can't get mad with people if they don't agree with your vision for the book . Just like you can't get mad at someone's opinion of a character . Art is subjective , so people have the right to see things differently . Going off on your readers because they like one character better than others is crazy to me . You should have tougher skin that runs readers away from your work just my opinion . I've literally removed books from my library that I loved because writers are sensitive and can't take criticism or opinions. There is a comment section for a reason ...

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