Journalism vs Gossip Blogging..

When I was about 6 , I started buying magazines with my allowance . I started to love reading articles and loving the different writing styles that were done. Til this day I have several magazines that were just too great to throw away. I went through several different careers in my head as a child until I said I’m going to school for writing . I appreciated the field of print journalism , however times have changed . Alot is different from the year 2005 at Bowie State University. Print has died and the only magazines that still have great traction are fashion mags ,Oprah, real news magazines that have been around for years and magazines with an annual releases that people love like XXL.

Once the world became digitally driven , a lot of magazines couldn’t take the pressure. Instead of turning to digital primarily , they folded . My favorite magazine Vibe , which I have written to several times has since turned to digital . However , with so much competition out the trusted sources and  investigative journalism has almost become obsolete. 

It’s all about who can get the most clicks , quantity versus quality. As an investigative journalist , you follow a story all the way through and gather trusted sources . Nowadays , it seems everything is copy and paste , no one is original or does any research. I’ve been asked several times would I like to apply to certain blog sites . However, I have declined . 

I believe that these blogs now don’t do any research and in a time where public opinion  is looked at more than facts that is dangerous. My favorite blog was “Necole Bitchie” , why because Necole didn’t post any rumors she did her research , reached out to the parties for questioning and then posted . However , she says it cost her sometimes and she wanted to do something different . Either way she was a blogger with integrity . These bloggers now days will see something on Media Takout or TMZ and run with it. The proper way to gather information is to go straight to the source first and then go from there . 

Now that Necole has left the gossip blogging game, I love Fameolous she breaks stories from the source of the story . She contacts family members , in which she did with the Fabolous and Emily B story and that’s how you earn these artists trust. 

Just by commenting under the post about that story , Fabolous’s sister even said something back to me. Which was surprising , but from seeing her page all the time she is easy to talk to as long as you are being positive .I’ve spoken to several celebrities online , I’ve even sent some my blog posts and they give me their feedback. 

You have to wait for facts , get to the source before you run with a story. Like Charlemagne the God says , “Cut once , so you don’t have to measure twice”. This means don’t just jump out there with a story and then have to retract or get sued later because it was incorrect. You also can not be biased as a journalist . Something I’ve noticed about “The Shaderoom” , you can tell who pays them to post what they post. For example , posting all positive things about Nicki Minaj and not posting Remy at all or posting all negative things about Blac Chyna.

As a journalist , your relationships can not taint your work. You have to post facts if you are going to post at all and you can’t take payola(payment to post good stories). That’s why I like writing on my own format , no it doesn’t make me much money, however I get to speak about my opinions and not have to worry about anyone’s backlash. When you work as a feeelance , you have to abide by these blogs rules. My personal favorite news outlets are Pitchfork, The Fader, GQ, The NewYorker , Forbes and a couple others . So when I get opinionated over facts vs fiction it’s because writing is my passion and I take it very serious. Here is a Forbes list of outlets you can trust 😀

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