#MCM “The Beyonce of The Group..”

Historically , we’ve seen musical groups either breakup and go their separate ways or one member goes solo to pursue a solo career. However , we haven’t seen many cases where the person that leaves is as successful as when they were in the group. The term “The Beyonce of The Group” , was coined because from the start everyone saw Beyonce as the star of Destiny’s Child . Even though the other members have had their own careers , Beyonce has had one of the most successful careers of all time. 

I really started to think about  this with recently watching “The New Edition Story” . While Ralph was a great talent and lead singer of the group , he didn’t gain much success by himself. It was actually Bobby who had the successful solo career of the group . In some groups you can really usually tell who the breakout star will be , however it is up to the fans whether they will be successful . Let’s take the Supremes for example , Diana was already set to be the lead singer when the name changed to Diana Ross and The Supremes. I have my own personal gripe with that situation but that’s a whole other blog. 

There are just some groups who are grooming people to become a solo artist . Take Justin Timberlake , he was the cute little blonde with curly hair and Disney channel success. I will say he had one of the best voices , however his looks had a lot to do with his crossover success. He had millions of girls already waiting for him to go solo that would support him regardless. However , in 2018 that is not the case it seems with Quavos solo effort “Quavo Huncho”.

The dynamic of the “Migos” is that they collectively bring something to the group. They do their features and they come back together . Unfortunately , I believe “The Beyonce of The Group” syndrome was a gift and a curse for him. Yes, he probably has a lot of female fans that think he’s attractive, yes he has a couple lines here and there in a song that sound better than the rest .  But a solo project was a jump , I think he should have did what Rae Sruemmerd did go the OutKast direction.  Even though everyone always called Andre 3000 the star and best one from the group . It still took two people to make OutKast a legendary group and we will never know if he would have been successful , because he’s never putting out a solo project.

Anyway back to this “Quavo Huncho”, personally within the last year in a half I’ve been kinda sideying the Migos . They are Atlanta based street rappers , but doing corny shit like making a diss record to a media personality (Joe Budden) and are keeping up this beef as of last week with Offset commenting on his page. So with that I was already on the fence , I started looking at them as corny. But then I listened to the album, great production and adlibs. However , I’m starting to think after writing “Apeshit” he took that Beyonce crap seriously . 

There is 19 songs on the album, a ton of features and all it sounds like is Migos throwaways. The only stand out track is “Huncho Dreams”, which is another thing despite the fact I don’t like Nicki and it was funny. Having a Nicki lookalike at the listening party to gain buzz is corny too. Yes , the song was funny but it was a gimmick to sell the rest of the album and that’s corny. Though very entertaining and I’ve played it about 23 times. That is not all you need to sell an album. The real talent is Takeoff , he can actually rap. So I’ll be looking forward to that album. 

Let’s be real the reason everyone looked at Beyonce as the star of the group is because she could sing and she was light skin with  wide hips. I don’t think Quavo can pull that look off 🤷🏽‍♀️

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