#MCM Music Crush Monday

Released on November 20, 2018

When I say I can’t stop listening to this song I mean it. The song was produced by Danger Mouse and Rocky himself and interpolates a Tame Impala’s song, “Why Won’t You Make Up Your Mind?”.

Rocky softly croons over the beat on the first verse. It seems he’s reminiscing about a past love who have since moved on. *Cough* Chanel Iman *Cough* He feels like she ended up with the wrong guy but he does miss her and wish they could start over .All while laughing at how corny her new dude is .. However , it is so smooth and free . I love how he experiments with sounds , it gives me the feeling that “L$D” gave me . His singing voice is pretty cool..

Oh yeah the video released as well.. and it appears the girl is pregnant in the video🤔

Deja Trimble , lets have a talk sis . I am honestly confused at the direction you’re  venturing into. I’ve always wanted to root for you because you are talented. However , I am very confused. Within the last two weeks Dej Loaf has released two singles, they are dope . There was a direction she was  initially going into and it seems you veered from that . The Liberation  movement, yes Dej we knew you were a lesbian or bisexual already and it doesn’t matter. The first step is to be more open with your fans, establish a fan base so that if you have to take a break they will support you.  Dej doesn’t do many interviews and she is very soft spoken . That whole weird thing her and Durk were doing is still a mystery to me . I think she has to figure out what kind of artist she would like to be and she’ll be okay. I am rooting for her either way😃

With the recent information that Jhene and Big Sean broke up , I feel horrible for looking forward to her new music. Jhene has always been famous for putting her pain and life into music. I call her the “Hippy Mary J. Blige”. However , if they didn’t and are just taking a break I am still looking forward to the music . She released a snippet on her Instagram about 3 days ago and it is very telling . After being a fan for so many years , I think it’s safe to conclude that Jhene it may be you..😩😂

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