When Is Enough , Enough!

Being a ride or die, is a term usually used for women that stay down with their man until they come up. But honestly the only ride or dies I see now are being embarrassed and disrespected . However , after they are up what do you do then ? Are there plaques , medals , awards you get for being a ride or die? After you’ve put money on his books, accept his calls , take him back after he cheats and accept his illegitimate kids , what is the plan? Because that is what a ride or die is these days.. 

Personally , I’ve tried to play the ride or die role before.You help a man build himself up , get his life together and support him through it all . But there is a quote that I found a couple of years ago and it is so true . “Someone you made sacrifices for will one day turn around and say they didn't ask you to... And they'll be right”

I remember I said I’d rather go through the bull crap with someone I was in love with , than to start over . However , most of the time it is at the loss of your self respect  . When you put yourself in a position to allow a man to continuously disrespect you , you are opening the door for more disrespect. I can remember doing things that I would have never seen myself doing and allowing behavior that I only read about in hood novels. Sometimes you can love someone so much that you lose yourself and when it’s over you have nothing . You have to love yourself first , period . 

I’ve heard stories about women taking their man back and the excuse is that they’ve put in too much time . Then when you asked what the difference is in the relationship from now and before. They can not express any growth and just a bunch of pain. Time means nothing if you are not growing with your partner for the better . If you’ve spent 10 years with a man and all you can think about are the side chicks , lies and jail bids it’s time to let go .

Case in point , Tammy Rivera released an EP early 2018. A lot of her lyrics admit that she’s been through hell, however she also feels like she  didn’t put so much in to give up.

The crazy part about all of this is if we treated men how they treat us , they would LEAVE! When is enough , enough to say I deserve better and I will not allow a man to disrespect me anymore. You don’t have to worry about what others think , but we all know that you cry at night. It is ok to be alone . Respect yourself enough to not tolerate just anything. Moral of the story is I stayed down, loved a man through his worse ,accepted less than I deserved ,  made sure things were paid for when he didn’t have anything . Guess what , he’s married to someone else.. Food for thought, know your worth and if you feel you aren’t worth anything take some time to learn self love😘

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