Cancelling Culture..

When it comes to social media , it can be a double edged sword. A lot of people get fame and popularity from social media , however they are normally the first ones to turn against you. In the Instagram age , I’ve seen about 100 causes that everyone is standing for one day and then the next they are over it. 

Nothing is consistent on the internet , there are a bunch of bandwagon woke people who don’t do their research. I’m starting to believe that people rely on  the Shaderoom to give them their new updates. This is a very counter productive society we live in , to think that cancelling people for something that was released years before the application was created.

When you go to these comments , there are a bunch of  “I’m not reading all of that” or “Tell me what happen”.  No one does their own research to understand context anymore , they just want to be apart of a “movement”. However , the “cancelled culture” is very dangerous to say the least. The internet , black Twitter and social media get people out of here fast as ever and it’s so hypocritical. For example , when people dig up old tweets from celebrities . Of course it is disappointing to find out that one of our favorite celebrities was once homophobic or misogynistic . We have to trust their growth and not punish them for past transgressions.

And honestly , who has that kinda time to dig up old tweets anyway. I think social media has made people lazy, because most of this information has been available about these people . People just don’t take the time to research and most of these time it is younger people . In this age , a lot of shows would not be able to prosper so that would completely ruin our childhood. I believe the sensitivity level is at an all time high lately. 

People had the audacity to try to ‘cancel’ the legend Gladys Knight because she was going to do the The National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Most of the people talking , have never even heard a Gladys Knight song or even know who she is.  Most importantly , she probably doesn’t even use social media to know what’s going on . Meanwhile , you’re at you cousins house because they are having a Super Bowl party.  If you are going to stand for a cause follow it through.

We have to have a mind of our own. We here a story and without getting any facts , the person is cancelled. But once the facts are proven and no one is guilty , no one does a story redraft and corrects it . We have to also have stop letting the media manipulate us into thinking a certain way. If we are going to cancel someone , let it be the pedophiles, rapists and racists of the world. Sabatoging someone’s career over a rumor or something they may have misspoke about is not ok. Make sure it is a cause that YOU believe in and not internet, read more than the headlines, listen to more than snippets and most of all understand fact versus clickbait..

Also The New York Times wrote a great article about it last year 

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