Met Gala Looks

So let’s get this out of the way , NO!

I just want Kim to stay home every year, she never keeps with the theme. Sis , this looks like something you would wear to a regular dinner party. Serena looks like a ham omelette. OBJ, a kilt no sir . Nicki looks like she’s going to the prom in 2004, you could have grabbed one of your Roman outfits circa 2010. The matching flower and dress was a no, it looks like a dress from two years ago threw up on her... 

There only be one winner for me and it is Cardi B,period ! Her stylist is amazing . You can tell he has studied his craft..

Cher is the Camp Queen in my personal opinion , her
fashion throughout the 70’s with loads of feathers and colors and sequin.

Lena is right drag queens definitely started Camp..

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