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Future is the equivalent of where The Trap and high class meet . Like the guy in class that could always dress but he also sold weed . Ok, so that reference was a little harsh..But he is definitely in the “Top 10 Best Dressed Male Hip Hop Artist” conversation in my opinion .My list varies because a lot of people’s style didn’t age very well to me . Future’s style has evolved as he has and we’ve been on his style journey as well as his music . 

He went from hoodies with skullies to custom
Christian Dior suits and sitting front row of some of the biggest fashion houses shows . You can definitely still catch him in a hoodie , you’ll also see about 5 chains with it. Few journalists talk about his position in the fashion world and rather focus on his personal life . I’d rather pay attention to what look he will give us next.. 

He is  one of the most accessorized, whether it’s a big fedora hat ,custom motorcycle leathers, embellished drapes or stacked Chanel chains. He pushed the Fedora hat game to the forefront of hip hop and ran with it . Making it a Future staple , taking him further outside of just being a rapper but a rockstar.

 This man can literally take a hoodie and match it with tuxedo pants and you forget it’s a hoodie. His graphic tees look extremely expensive the way he pairs them..

The Cut.Com wrote in a March 2017 article , titling it “Future’s Instinctive, Unassailable Style”. Future was interviewed by Shiona Turini.
She raves that the rapper has mastered the art of personal style and with further research she counted 60 fashion references in his Hndrxx album.

 She states , “Off camera, he’s a denim fanatic; a collector of trophy jackets; he has exquisite taste in jewelry. He prefers thin, delicate strands of diamonds and gold — personal pieces rather than excessive statement chains that have become associated with rappers. In another life he could have been a fine-jewelry editor”.

Now days you can catch Future with really bright blonde dreads , another way of changing his style with his different eras. He is currently in his “Save Me” era, a very unique album where he is experimenting with different looks and effects. Even the visuals give me a foreign vibe , not like a traditional Future video..

Waiting to see more of his looks , maybe one day he will bless us all with his personal style by partnering with a fashion house.. 

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