Is Summer Walker What We Thought SZA Would Be?

Everyone keeps saying that “Summer Walker is Who SZA was supposed to be ..”. I totally disagree, SZA comes from a camp that breeds superstars and keeps all the drama within their camp. She was given artist development , went through what I would say bootcamp before she put out a debut album. SZA's first ep "See SZA Run" was released in 2012 before she was even signed to a label.
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This is the project she already had in the tuck before she even went to TDE,even though her fans may have thought this was an amazing body of work , she still had work to do. As she discusses her story on the Breakfast Club in 2014 , you can see a vibrant woman that is excited to be in the industry .

However , as the years went by you could see her getting smaller and smaller seeming to fall into the industries vision of beauty . Still she put out amazing projects, that were metaphorically dope. She spoke in a lot of metaphors and similes that you had to think about , even so deep to naming songs after her favorite actresses. Like “Julia” and “Drew Barrymore”, her being the First Lady she carried the hooks on a lot of her labelmates songs. My favorite being the video version of  “90059”..

She’s written songs for Rihanna and Beyoncé  , even if it maybe a hook or two. She’s done her thing , her writing style is very unique and unmatched . She has even had a video directed by Solange Knowles ..

So yes Solana Rowe has accomplished a lot . Even dealing with a rumored fling with labelmate Isaiah Rashad, after he had a baby and moved on from her she’s still managed to earn several Grammy nominations.

She has paid her dues, while sometimes suffering loudly and threatening to quit . But TDE runs a tight ship and anything worth gossiping about has never been.. she stomps to the beat of her own drum . While enjoying live.. 

I will say Punch didn’t seem pleased with the accolades given to Summer this year ..

SZA’s 2017 “Ctrl” debut received rave reviews from critics , Billboard and more. The album was so raw but deep at the same time . The use of the CTRL and analog era was creative and well thought out . A lot went into that debut and Pitchfork even gave it a 8.4/10. If anyone knows Pitchfork they are hard non artist , however the acclaims and award nominations were well deserved. So I understand his frustration when Summer comes out of no where and even though she’s had a couple projects . The industry is forgetting what SZA accomplished . 

After her success with “Girls Need Love” and a feature from  Drake, the pressure was on for her to put out an album . Summer Walkers project “Over It”, peaked at 1 on the Billboard R&B / Hip Hop album charts. It was a great project and seemed to follow a 90’s R&B vibe even down to the Usher feature “Come Thru”, sampling the 90’s “Make Me Wanna”. Her project is a good R&B bop and I’m sure can stand this era .  However , where SZA tells you how insecure she maybe on a track like “Supermodel”,  Summer discusses all the things a man does to her body and how she will kill a woman over her man.  One woman is discovering herself in heartbreak and another sings about staying with a man even though she know she deserves better.. 

Recently , there has been drama on the internet with Summer and her boyfriends child’s mother . That would never happen with SZA, for example Kendrick got married and had a whole baby. We haven’t seen his wife or the baby.  There is a lot of structure on SZA career and the way she moves , through all the rumors we’ve never seen her involved in drama.. That comes from artist development and media training . Where Summer does need a lot of media training and development .

These two are not the same , Summer has a lot of work to do and even though SZA has done a lot she does as well. These women both have a message for their own audience , one is a little more seasoned than the other  . I will say in short amount of time SZA has done a lot and if she never puts out anything else , “Ctrl” was a classic . I still just miss the chubbie girl with the freckles sometimes..

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