Puma x Lauren London: Forever Stronger

Lauren London has made resurgence onto the scene after months of seclusion while in mourning . She buried the love of her life Nipsey Hussle In March and has handled it in a very classy and respectable way . We saw her celebrate the late rappers birthday in August , appearing on the scene with a bob hair cut. Which is a far cry from her long tresses that she normally wears. She also recently celebrated her youngest son  Kross birthday with family .

She recently sat down with GQ to discuss how she is doing and how life has changed. 

Well she dropped a YouTube video to introduce her collaboration  with Puma, that I will be purchasing . In the video she does a voice over of a poem written by Nipsey’s sister as she drives through LA. The poem is so deep and she is so well spoken , it gives me a weird feeling . You can tell she is still mourning but navigating life as she knows it now . 

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