You’re a Plus One , You Are Not Famous Sis..

I’ve literally been quiet , because she hasn’t been trying to drag her child’s father through the mud in the last 30 days . Yes , I know they are lyrics .. However , sis it’s time . Who does the research on plus ones at the RocNation Brunch and the Grammy’s for that matter ? 

‘Notable for Achievements’, what have you achieved besides being with a rapper and having a baby with him. You are literally known for twerking and cursing , those are not achievements sweetheart . There are literally more videos of you twerking than speaking in a complete sentence.

She’s been linked to G Herbo, Gervontaa, Young Ma and now Moneybag Yo. There is nothing wrong with that , however I see what you are doing here working your way up the ladder. Young MA wasn’t with the foolishness at all and I’m sure you realized that when she put this song out . 

You continued your toxic behavior with Gervontaa and enjoyed every bit of that relationship and bragging about it (Check my “Let Me Upgrade You” article). While  simultaneously cursing your child’s father out ever chance you got , while he had peacefully been with the same girl for over a year now.

Again what are you famous for ? Let’s look up the definition of clout ..

Influence . So call yourself an influencer because you don’t have a talent to be celebrated unless they make Twerking and cursing people out a talent . You are a bird sweetheart , that is what you are , this is what you are laughing and bragging about but when you had a fight with your  child’s father last year . It wasn’t funny then I guess he didn’t have enough money for you huh. 

You made your way to places a lot of people will never go, but I’m sure you didn’t make any connections at all.. All you were worried about was shading your current boo’s ex. The same ex who has been under under your pictures showing you love. To a dude that allowed fans to laugh at you on live with no respect...

What’s the point of being in those rooms bragging , where you’re only a plus one? People may recognize you but with the reputation you have established , good luck . The sad part is there are young girls who idolize you and I think it’s sick because you have nothing to offer these young ladies but to date a rich dude. This is what people think of you ..

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