Floyd ,Kentrell Is Your Karma

When raising young ladies , it’s best to show them the right way to be treated by a man. You can talk until you are purple in the face but normally children follow what they see. And based on his dating history , Yaya Mayweather has seen women in and out of his life . He’s even had more than one girlfriend at a time including her mother . 

Who constantly brags about meeting Floyd and hitting the jackpot . Not giving Iyanna an example of anythingto aspire to be but a rich mans girlfriend or side chick.  Floyd also abused her according to an article in the Grantland.

Meanwhile , arguing with Floyd’s girlfriends about who was there first and who is the queen. Debating about materialistic items and who is copying who , is anyone still wondering why Yaya turned out the way she did. She plays her daughters friend and not her mother , by entertaining all of her antics when it came to Youngboy . Instead of seeing the signs and telling her daughter to find better , because in all actuality she never found better for herself.

Yaya was the side baby to Josie and Floyd , however it seemed Josie raised Yaya with the rest of the kids .

This is another example of seeing women who don’t know their worth. Accepting a side baby and raising  her as your own is not self worth.

Now let’s move onto Floyd , almost every female he has dated has told the same story of abuse . Even Josie was taking him to court and had a long battle with him over a 14 million dollar lawsuit . She even details beating up girls that he slept around on her with . Does that sound familiar ?

Bragging about sleeping with him even though was engaged at the time .

Floyd Mayweather has had a harem of women most of his career . In a weird documentary in 2017, he shows the women that he keeps around him. Yaya has even admitted she’s never seen the best example of a relationship but she knows what love is ..

Fast forward to now , she begin dating Youngboy last year after he mentioned her in song and appeared in his video . However , he was still mentioning his ex in every song. You know the ex that he slammed and dragged down a hallway on video . 

From here is when I knew this may not be a good idea. But still he embarrassed her several times for the public to see after she sliced his tires and admitted her love for him.  He’s swapped girls in and out his life several times and even had one fight her less than three months ago..

After he made a song telling everyone she sliced his tires, her and her mother went on live singing .
 However , now everything has gotten real and she’s stabbed someone because of him Floyd wants to delete her pictures and wants to be embarrassed .

Floyd shouldn’t really have anything to say because while he was giving her all that money , he didn’t seem to show her the value of self worth . She has the entire world at her disposal and yet she wants to chase a rapper with a dozen women . That is all she’s seen in life , hanging out with her father’s multiple girlfriends while she watches her mother still latched onto him. She got someone just like her daddy...

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