Dear Jada..

I feel like it took you long enough , to sit at the red table where you love to call people out .  I believe you were trying to get your words together and based on the interview you took a few tips from Black Twitter. To say you were  trying to help August  and offering resources for his mental state, but it turning into something different sounds manipulative. So what was this episode about ? Because you guys were clearly gawking at each other ...

And according to August he walked away at the end of 2018 , which would make sense because this interview was in July 9, 2018 almost exactly 2 years ago . So when you and your husband joke about it being years ago , as if you are relating to an old episode of  “A Different World” is really wack to me . 

I’m glad that Will was there to correct you though, because dancing around the word ‘entanglement’ like you weren’t playing with someone’s feelings . You were in fact in a relationship with him .Yes , he was an adult but a broken one with Mommy issues , you knew exactly what you were doing . Your adventure and project to fix people to make yourself feel good , made August probably worse than he was before . 
A lot of things make sense now.

Anyway , I feel like it’s really hypocritical to hold people accountable for their mistakes but never admit your own. To say it was no ones business is comical because it was in fact August’s business to tell and he did . Ya’ll said multiple times you weren’t going to address it and that’s probably why he came out because hes been getting heat for it for years . Neither of you addressed it to defend him , only to protect your own transgressions and secrets . The healing you were supposed to give him , he probably has receive at this point of his life . A huge part of healing is letting go of anything that has burdened you and he needed to do that himself . Proud of him and that whole “bad marriage for life” song is sad , y’all are clearly miserable and I’m glad August got away from your family..

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