Dark City Beneath The Beat

Dark City Beneath The Beat is a musical, documentary reimagining the narrative of Baltimore City through its home grown sound and dance known as Baltimore club music. 

The documentary will be available on Netflix on April 15 2021. It is amazing to see our cities culture on screen , so many cities have tried to claim this culture . To be able to see our cities identity on Netflix will be an amazing feet for us. There have been so many DJ’s and dancers in Baltimore that have contributed to Baltimore Club music. We can never forget DJ Club Queen K Swift who is a Baltimore legend , that we loss way too soon in 2008.

 Recently , there have a been a slew of Baltimore Club pages to surface on Instagram . Last year during the pandemic there was a DJ vs DJ celebration on Instagram live , that took us back to our club days. DJs like K Spin(who is featured in the documentary), DJ Da Kid, Blaqstarr, DJ Jay Watts, DJ Aasha D and so many others came together to celebrate the Dox , Hammers and Choices nights .

Shoutout to Issa Rae for bringing this project to life and bringing the world into our city . We have a Jersey vs Baltimore event coming up on April 24, 2021 , that will very interesting.

Check out our city annual Queen of Baltimore dance competition , this is our recent Queen of Baltimore Nita. Check her out on Instagram as well .

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