Personal Style: Lashontae Heckard

Lashontae Heckard aka Lil Tae
Tae entered our lives in the 2000’s as a video vixen, she has even acted in a few roles . However, when she became active on Instagram , we were introduced to her personality and style. Her Tumblr page also received a lot of love, you all remember the simpler times when Tumblr was a way of life. Even though she isn’t as interactive with videos as she used to be, we can still catch a post showing her style and wittiness . She has even started posting 10 random thoughts every couple of days . She seems very interesting and funny , wish she would try podcasting I’m sure everyone would tune in.

While it seems blogs won’t seem to cover her, unless it is drama or who she is dating . I believe she deserves her recognition for being a drop dead gorgeous personal style icon . Her style is really dope and it reminds me of tomboy and flirty , which totally seem to matches her personality . 

Let’s Check Out Her Style Over The Years..

Hear Tae describe her own style in a video from Tumblr..

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