Cardi B Won Paris Fashion Week

When Cardi B said , “10 different looks and my looks all kill”, in ‘Money’ she didn’t lie. No other female rapper has been this fashionable since Kimberly Jones.  Her and Kollin remind me of Kim & Misa back in the 90’s . Cardi is never afraid to be edgy and step it up in  the fashion department. She even met Christian Louboutin on this trip to Paris. The irony that he was quoted saying this in 2017.

I’m sure he’s very familiar with her now , especially after her song went diamond and that “bloody shoes” line in ‘Bodak Yellow’ probably made him a lot of money .

Even her date night looks were fire .Send everyone home Cardi stole the show . Meanwhile , your favorite rapper is at home releasing a deluxe set for a 11 year old album with vinyls and taking photos on rocks but I digress…

Date Night Looks…

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