Man Crush Monday : Demetrius Flenory Jr. Aka Lil Meech

As the first season of the BMF series comes to a close.The lead character is played by Demetrius Flenory Jr. , who embodies his father Big Meech and has become a fan favorite amongst the women fans.

 He has made a name for himself on Starz and has been the talk every Sunday night .

Lil Meech has garnered so much support within the last couple of months. He has several fan pages now and has over 1 million followers and growing.

Before the role , he states in an interview that he was on his way to college and had even started rapping.

We have been following Lil Meech for a couple of years and he’s been seen with several celebrities throughout the years. In his interviews, he seems to have a quiet demeanor and seems to be very observant. He seems very different from these young stars in recent years , he seems to have an old soul. 

While watching all of his interviews , the question we were looking for is whether he is single or not . In following , we have seen him with a woman but we shall see if she resurfaces  or will he keep his private life to himself . He archived a lot of  his Instagram page and created a new Twitter page , however we were able to find great pictures . 

The only question that has been making wave is braids or short cut . Either way he is a very handsome young man that we look forward to seeing go far in this industry …



Here are our favorite clips of Lil Meech :

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