YG and Brittany Renner Dating ?

A couple of days ago , YG and Brittany Renner were spotted out as seen in these pictures leaked to the Shaderoom. It seems she has a baby bump. When I first saw this I automatically thought this was for a video shoot.

Brittany was just spotted last month with no bump at all.

March 👇🏾With Mariah The Scientist 

After the news spread that she was pregnant by YG she posted this..

Just this past Valentine’s Day , YG and his long time girlfriend and childrens mother Catelyn were spotted traveling to Cabo. He also posted her for her birthday..

Even though the couple has recently taken down the pictures of them together . It may be for another reason now as we see these pictures circulating the internet . 

It shows a pregnant Brittany , which would make sense. YG just posted he is dropping new music and these pictures of Brittany and the way she is dressed and had her hair she could be a replication of how Catelyn looked during pregnancy.

In following Catelyn for years , her go to hairstyle is a ponytail. So we shall see , she hasn’t taken her pictures from Cabo down but it definitely seems like a videoshoot.

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