Met Gala 2022 “Gilded Glamour”

What does this “Gilded Glamour” theme mean ?

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The Gilded Age was in full swing from 1870 to 1890, according to Page Six Style. The term was coined by Mark Twain to characterize a time of wealth, industry, and development. The Gilded Age was a 30-year period, during which, the rapid rise of railways, factories, and cities boosted the riches of industrialists and real estate moguls. Famous family names like Frick, Astor, Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt built the country's infrastructure, while socialites like Caroline Schermerhorn Astor and Alva Vanderbilt ruled New York society. Fashion became more expensive for the urban elite, with lace and crystal embellishments, as well as bird wings – milliners during the time wore caps with many feathers, wings, and stuffed dead birds.

Under their derriere-enhancing dresses, American women wore sophisticated undergarments like corsets, inflated shoulder cushions, bustle pads, crinolines (a sort of structured petticoat), and even steel springs to obtain the appropriate form. According to CNN, at the end of the century, the silhouettes had been reduced. Men's clothesbecame increasingly formal as well, with the newly popular tuxedo becoming standard attire for high-flying gentlemen in the 1880s.

These are the looks that these celebrities were channeling ..

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As with every year , most people either miss the mark or do too much . Here are my choices for Best Dressed and Worse Dressed. A lot of people didn’t get the theme at all, let’s get into these people..

The Best Dressed

The Worse Dressed

Did Too Much

For such an expensive dress that comes with guards and security , you would think she wouldn’t cheap it up so much . What is supposed to be an antique is now ruined because decided you had the money . Honestly , very selfish but she is a narcissist.  She needs Kanye because without him she is reduced to just a blur at this point…

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