Chile Unfiltered Podcast : Dess Dior

Dess Dior sat down with Chile Unfiltered Podcast earlier this year . Not sure why it is just being released but it was filmed around February based on her fanpage .

 This is one of Dess Dior’s first interviews, she’s a very private person which she discussed in the interview as well. She also discussed her career as an independent artist , how she feels about female rap right now and other things . 

One thing she did not discuss is her current relationship with rapper Future . The couple had been seen together since 2020 and haven’t really been seen together outside of each other’s birthday last year . 


In the interview she discussed her project being out by April , however since she recently announced her project was done we may finally get that Mariah The Scientist song . It seems they held the footage until she was ready to drop her project . Here is one of the snippets she’s posted before announcing her album was complete…

Check out the interview…

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