August Alsina Returns With A New Album “Myself”


After releasing three singles within the last couple of months, the R&B crooner returns with his fourth album on March 10, 2023.  This is his newest album since his 2020 release , "The Product III: State of Emergency" which accompanied with a five part documentary.He has released the album under his own independent imprint Shake the World/EMPIRE. 

He describes the album in a trailer on his Instagram page, “Really it’s me getting back into the core of myself, that is exactly why I think it’s special. The core of August Alsina”. The album starts out with the title track , “Myself” where the singer talks about his struggles to get to where he is now .

The album continues with "Lied To You", which he also released a video to earlier this year.

The album cover may confuse the general public, however if you are a fan of the singer you’ll recognize his mugshot . The animated cover to the album shows two mugshots blend creating one person, which is his and his father’s pictures.  August has been very vocal throughout his career about his life struggle, and he even shows a photo of his father in his documentary from his last album titled, "The Product III: State of Emergency". 

The message seems to insist that him and his father seem to be more alike than he may want to admit. August has yet to do an  interview to explain the meaning but from the visual, the audience are left to their own interpretations.

One of the original Trap Soul artists has returned to remind everyone of why he still holds the title. The album consists of some songs that he has shared on his Instagram page as snippets and maybe he just wanted to clear out his hard drive as his fans have been asking for music.

Either way we are sure his fans are appreciative for the music that he is releasing. Outside of music you can also find August in the skincare world as he introduced Encina Wellness last year, which recently partnered with Urban Outfitters.

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