Concert Tees & Ripped Jeans..

 Looking through my t-shirt drawers I realized , I've spent a lot of money on vintage band concert t-shirts .My favorite by far is an Iron Maiden distressed t-shirt.
I've had to personally hide the shirt from myself because I wear it so much.However , I have seen that the concert tees and ripped shorts will def return this summer . Along with the plaid wrap around the waist look . The best place to purchase these shirts are consignment shops or vintage stores. My two favorite vintage stores in Baltimore are Killer Trash and Ten Car Pile Up. These places offer exclusive vintage items for a good price. I get most of my concert T-shirts from Urban Outfitters. And I normally distress my own shorts . Another one of my favorite is my Rolling Stones World Tour shirt from UO.
I found some distressed shorts in Marshalls that fit like a glove , they were $20 . 

Here are a couple of concert tees and ripped shorts below..this will be my look all summer long ..

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