In an era where everyone is accessible and everything is exposed . Instagram is the place everyone goes to look at celebrities lives, read gossip and news . Relationships have been devalued to pictures and likes on Instagram . A place where you can pretend to have the perfect life based on a picture caption . Arguments spill onto social media and cheating is as simple as a direct message. We celebrate people's relationship based on the amount of pictures one posts of their significant other . When in reality these pictures are only to boost their self esteem in hopes that their significant other won't cheat. The depreciation of a bond due to insecurities . Women think because she posts a picture with her "bae" everyday , no one will check for him . When in all actuality we can all see right through the smiles and kisses . Most of the women that brag about their mate all the time and have a picture of them
all over their page are filling a void that man doesn't fill. It makes them feel better to make their life seem perfect to people who they don't know and probably don't even like . 

Personally , I've always kept my private life to myself . I will give a glimpse but I don't need validation from anyone to know my love is real. When you give people too much , you open up room for criticism. Other people's judgement should never have a baring on your life choices. However , when you let people in it sometimes shows a sign of weakness . As if you can not live without others opinions . I know about six
couples who portray a perfect life and their homelife is horrible . But because they've started letting people in , they have to keep up the charades . Begging for the acceptance of people who probably wouldn't share a room with them.
I will say that there are maybe two celebrity relationships that I admire . Nipsey& Lauren and Push&Virginia . 

Both are very private , however when they show affection via social media it is always equal. They give you a glimpse and then they go back to real life. So many people are so wrapped up in other people's perception of them that they forget you have to log out and live your real life . No matter what you post that won't make that person stay with you . You have to water your own grass and stop worrying about how others make theirs grow. ✌🏾️

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