Gucci Vs Dapper Dan

In the 1980's Dapper Dan was a hood legend , he was a fashion staple in NYC. The Harlem pioneer crafted custom street wear for the culture , using big names like Louis Vuitton, Gucci ,Fendi etc. He owned a store where he created items for the black community. Some of the era's most popular MCs and neighborhood hustlers  adopted Dan's look.  

In 1988, two of Dapper Dan’s clients, boxers Mike Tyson and Mitch Green crossed paths upon entering and leaving the Harlem boutique at 5AM in the morning. The encounter resulted in an almighty scuffle that hit headlines everywhere and landed Dan’s boutique with some unwanted publicity. As a result of the exposure, the brands that had refused to sell Dan their wares for his 125th street boutique, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi, all sued him.(Messy Nessy) 


However ,Monday night at Gucci Cruise 2018 show. A very similar piece was debuted in their show. I honestly feel this is a disrespect to the black community . You didn't want to partner with this man but you want to steal his designs. These top designers always steal from our culture without giving credit, or give credit to a Kardashian for wearing a style we've worn for years. They hate us so much but in all actuality , they are obsessed with our creativity ,our looks , our bodies and everything we possess. Unfortunately , I'm don't believe Dapper Dan can do anything  about it because he customize items using these brands fabrics . But everyone knows where it started ! 

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