Personal Style: Shateria Montague-el

Shateria is most known for her relationship with Rick Ross . She is beautiful , however I just know her from being a Baltimore socialite and I love her grown woman transformation. She can switch her style up and she does a lot . However , you can tell she is still just a Baltimore girl to her heart and that Hollywood has not gotten to her. Her style is laid back and chic, if she's mixing a concert tee and ripped jeans or chiffon dress.  I  see that she  repeats key pieces and that is something I am afraid of doing sometimes , however I guess as expensive as her key pieces are I would repeat them too. 

She gives me confidence to not just wear some things once if they are worth wearing multiple times. She is another person that can mix a Zara with Chanel and it all look classy. She has her own clothing line called FrontRow and recently opened up a site with her various looks. Here are a lot of my favorite looks from her. (Sidenote:And I will be doing my Key Pieces blog maybe today or later this week)

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