Dear Andre Benjamin..

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would wake up to new music from Andre 3000. However , this morning I was on Twitter I noticed a Andre 3000 SoundCloud link that Frank Ocean post on his Tumblr. At first I thought it was an old song , but then I saw a thumbnail of Andre and his mother . My heart automatically begin to melt and I cried like a baby..

The first track is an ode to his parents , who he buried within the last 5 years. On the track you can hear him pouring out his heart and that made me cry. The other track is a 17 minute jazz song, which he titled “Look Ma, No Hands”. Later we find out that he is on bass clarinet .

After doing some more investigation at 4am, I noticed that he had joined Instagram . As a big Andre 3000 fan I know this is a big deal for him . He’s an extreme introvert that barely does interviews. He stepped away from the lime light and has retreated to New York. So this is a big deal for me seeing that he is sharing personal text messages to his mom.

I felt like he was letting us in a little and even if he isn’t . These few posts I will treasure , as these two songs have been on repeat all day. Whether we hear from him again , I’m glad he’s doing everything on his own terms..

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